With solar power every sunray that hits your roof is a chance to lower your electricity bill and your carbon footprint. Over a million Americans have already chosen solar, and are being rewarded for it.

ways you’ll be rewarded

Eliminate your electrical bill.

Replace your electrical bill payment with solar payment. You will have immediate monthly savings, huge long term savings, and once the system is paid off, you will have free electricity. The average homeowner pays $.32 per kWh. Solar customers pay $.05 per kWh.

Take advantage of Net Metering

The utility company has a special program for solar customers called Net Metering. In a Net Metering arrangement, the power you don’t use runs your meter backwards and is stored kWh for kWh. You can use it at night or the following months until your annual true up. When you switch to Net Metering you get an electric statement showing your running balance each month and you do not have to pay until your annual true up on your install anniversary.

Reduce your emissions

Renewable energy sources like solar can reduce your home’s greenhouse gas emissions, which is a great help to the environment.

Upfront incentives

Make the most of government incentives, which can help you save upfront on a solar panel system.